Problem = An outdated website

Solution = Created a responsive, intuitive and scalable website


The Young Americans


User Experience Designer, Visual Designer, Lead Developer

Skills & Services
  • User Experience Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Visual Design
  • Custom CMS Development (WordPress)

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, WordPress, SEO

Project Description

The Young Americans is a worldwide, non-profit organization inspiring audiences through music with captivating performances, signature youth programs and a performing arts college.

The website overhaul included a tailored, responsive environment with a more intuitive navigational flow and a content strategy that created a richer connection with the Young Americans. I also built it as a custom WordPress solution to ensure the site would scale with the growth of the brand.

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The Young Americans Website

With the redesign of the website, one of the goals was to perform a content audit and help push the value of the Young Americans Music Outreach program by making it a major part of the narrative and reimagining the navigation to help reduce ancillary content. By using full screen layouts, parallaxing and other interactive elements the homepage introduced a stronger brand story and the power of their contributions to youth programs in 22 countries and impacting 52,000 students around the world.

Youth Programs Off Canvas Navigation

To help organize content youth programs for 22 countries, an off canvas navigation was created to help provide a better visual reminder of location and UI that could be consistent through all responsive sizes. This off canvas menu was designed into a secondary sticky navigation that could also include a primary call-to-action to get involved, register or donate to the cause.

Concerts Off Canvas Navigation

Similar to the Youth Programs navigation, an off canvas UI was created to organize current and past concerts. By using a similar UI as the Youth Programs, it helped create consistency and allowed more exposure to the individual concert brands/logos. This off canvas menu was designed into a secondary sticky navigation that could also include a primary call-to-action to purchase tickets.

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The Young Americans Foundation Website

The group also wanted to create a digital presence for their foundation that supports The Young Americans, a non-profit organization. This helped to centralize all communications around donations, ways to give, corporate and individual contributions to support the goal of providing a standard of excellence in education, entertainment, music and the performing arts to audiences worldwide.