Problem = Unsatisfactory consumer web experience

Solution = Create a richer, target-based connection




Director of Digital Design & Consumer Experience (UX), Lead Developer

Skills & Services
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • User Flows & Journeys
  • Creative Direction
  • Visual Design
  • Web Development

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, .NET, SEO

Project Description

CareXtend is the only online superstore offering affordable pricing for health and wellness products and services not covered by insurance companies.

To improve engagement, I connected the brand story to the online visual identity. I also created personas to define an ideal audience which resulted in elevating the value and relevance of the website’s products. Finally, we utilized email and social channels to promote awareness and build value for the brand.

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Website Redesign

After establishing CareXtend’s primary and secondary audience, time was then spent on redeveloping a brand guide that went beyond providing a visual tone, but also a brand voice. The creation of the brand voice and visual identity helped to enhance the connection between consumer and product.

The website redesign began with a large content audit now that a brand voice and audience focus was established.From there with the use of clickable prototypes we updated user flow and content layouts built on ecommerce best practices.We created efficiencies with how consumers found and learned about products, but also within the checkout and post purchase flows. It’s exciting when a conversion is made, but consumer loyalty was the goal and focusing in on the post purchase experience helped with that.

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Brand Promotion

Promotion of the brand not only included building awareness and driving traffic to the digital marketplace, but also a series of external post purchase communications. Email provided the base of our promotional campaigns with support coming from our social channels and onsite marketing all leading to unique landing pages to help keep a focused narrative for each campaign.