Problem = A non-interactive, online business tutorial for college students

Solution = Create a mobile game to promote business education


Capsim – Capstone


User Experience Designer, Visual Designer

Skills & Services
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Prototype Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Visual Design
  • Mobile Development Planning
Project Description

Capstone is a product from Capsim that teaches real-world business lessons to students using web-based simulations.

Capsim wanted to transform their current environment into an immersive, real-time mobile gameplay experience and educational tool. I tailored a solution full of interaction where students could compete alone or in teams against each other. This project transformed a business classroom into a rewarding game that could be accessed from anywhere.

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Flexible Navigation Design

The main navigation broke the simulation into areas of industry focus: Research & Development (R&D), Marketing, Production, Human Resources and Finance. Organizing the navigation in this way helped the students focus as each of these areas required a very different set of decision making, reference diagrams and projections. While a secondary navigation included all team functionality (real-time messaging), app settings and help options.

Single & Quad Screen Views

Included in the footer navigation was an option to go between viewing 1 or 4 screens at the same time, each displaying a different decision diagram form any of the industry areas. While in a 4 screen view, the user could also scale any of the screens up or down to maximize their area of visual focus.

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Combination of Education & Competitive Gameplay

A toggle UI option was included in a footer navigation to allow users to bounce between the real-time gameplay environment and the online classroom reference materials provided by the professor. This helped provide everything the student needed to learn more about the decisions they needed to make and also let them apply those decisions within the game.

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Variety of Infographics & Diagrams

The game included a large variety of infographics that were also fully interactive diagrams that students could apply and view the projections of their decisions in real-time.